Permit # Parcel Address Permit Type Description View
274 Lot 42 Shadow Lake Dr Plumbing R1 New Construction  View
273 521 DEERWOOD DR Mechanical HVAC Change Out  View
271 1500 W DENVER ST Building Installing new drain tile  View
270 1166 HIGHLAND CIR Building Construction of a inground pool and wiring  View
269 3700 BRIGHTON PL  View
268 260 NORWOOD DR Mechanical HVAC Change Out  View
267 415 E DENVER ST Mechanical Package unit changeout  View
266 714 N ULMER Building Installing new accessory building  View
265 921 W DENVER ST Electrical Replacing Electrical Panel on main structure and adding sub panel
to new accessory building
264 650 ALEX CIR Mechanical HVAC Change Out  View
263 508 S COKER STREET Plumbing Addition to building  View
262 508 S COKER STREET Mechanical Addition to building  View
261 508 S COKER STREET Electrical Addition to building  View
260 508 S COKER STREET Building Addition to building  View
259 917 W CENTER ST Building Exterior Tower Modification and Painting. Interior furniture and
finishes updating